WALA - introduction

Worked all LA, consisting of working all the Norwegian Regional Counties or “fylke”.

Until 1st of January 2020 Norway was divided into 19 different regional fylker, which again would be divided into smaller counties, cities, or just a heap of smaller villager with one center, or again just an island with a few hundred or less inhabitants.


Since this in our modern time, this made in very expensive to keep up all the local infrastructure, like hospitals, work- and tax/registration offices, not to mention police, churches, elderly homes and political centers etc., the Norwegian Government decided that something has to be done. The decision was made to reduce the number of fylker and of course also the number of counties.

The number of fylker was reduced to 10 larger fylker plus Oslo (the Capital), and at least one of them so large you could put the most of southern part of the country of Sweden or 2 times the country of Denmark in it. The latter has been strongly opposed by the population of the larger one, because the distances to main hospitals, regional center etc. is so large that on have to use aircrafts to maintain a decent communication, since it would take at least 6-7 hours to travel from the eastern part by car or busses and in the winter, mostly not possible at all. That actually means that it is not yet totally settled. In the meantime we just have to accept it as it is, so I will give you the merging list of the old merging into the new ones.

OLD                      NEW

  1.  1. Oslo             1. Oslo
  2.  2. Telemark         2. Telemark & Vestfold
  3.  3. Vestfold         2. Telemark & Vestfold
  4.  4. Sor-Trøndelag    3. Trøndelag
  5.  5. Nord-Trøndelag   3. Trøndelag
  6.  6. Østfold          4. Viken
  7.  7. Akershus         4. Viken
  8.  8. Buskerund        4. Viken
  9.  9. Aust Agder       5. Agder
  10. 10. Vest Agder       5. Agder
  11. 11. Rogaland         6. Rogaland
  12. 12. Hordaland        7. Vestland   
  13. 13. Sogn og Fjordane 7. Vestland
  14. 14. Nordland         8. Nordland
  15. 15. Troms            9. Troms & Finnmark
  16. 16. Finnmark         9. Troms & Finnmark
  17. 17. Oppland         10. Innlandet
  18. 18. Hedmark         10. Innlandet
  19. 19. Møre & Romsdal  11. Møre & Romsdal

In addition we have the Artic part Spitsbergen  JW (Svalbard), Bear Island JW and Jan Mayen JX, and of course the Antartican part Queen Maud’s Land 3Y, Peter 1st Island 3Y/P and Bouvet Island 3Y/B. Only QSOs valid from 1st of January 2020 will be considered.


All the above will now be included in the new rules of the Diploma of WALA.

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