ARRL Operating Manual

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Salgspris medlemmer: 250,-Pris ikke-medlemmer: 475,-Medlemmer sparer: 225,- There’s nothing quite like the excitement of getting on the air. But, navigating the dozens of ways ham radio operators communicate with each other (and all of the technology, procedures, and jargon) can make you dizzy. The ARRL Operating Manual for Radio Amateurs is the most complete guide to Amateur Radio operating. For decades, this ARRL flagship title has been recognized by radio amateurs as the trustworthy source of everything you need to know about ham radio operating–from exploring the broad range of activities and technology, to sharpening your on-air skills. It’s filled with the information every ham needs, from newcomers looking for basic operating techniques to more experienced hams looking for new things to do with their gear. Whether your interests are more technical or public service oriented, you’ll turn to The Operating Manual for information on what to operate, where to operate and how to operate.Every chapter of this 10th Edition has been updated to reflect the most current information, including a brand new chapter on remote station control over the internet. Contents:Amateur Radio — All About OperatingVHF/UHF — FM, Repeaters, Digital Voice and DataVHF/UHF — Beyond RepeatersDisaster, Public Service and Emergency CommunicationsTraffic Handling — Getting the Message ThroughDXing — Contacting Those Faraway PlacesContesting — RadiosportHF Digital CommunicationsImage CommunicationsAmateur SatellitesLegally, Safely, Appropriately — The FCC Rules and YouRemote Station Control Over the InternetOperating AwardsReferences

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