The ARRL Guide to Antenna Tuners

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Salgspris medlemmer: 180,-Pris ikke-medlemmer: 275,-Medlemmer sparer: 95,- The ARRL Guide to Antenna Tuners Antenna tuners are devices often misunderstood in the Amateur Radio world. While not every station requires an antenna tuner to transmit radio signals, often an incompatibility between the transmitter and the antenna system results in poor performance. An antenna tuner between them is often the way to obtain efficient operation. The ARRL Guide to Antenna Tuners discusses the details of the different configurations and requirements of antenna tuners. It explores the design, construction and applications of the different types available. Learn what type of tuner is needed in your station and where to install it for maximum improvement. This book will give you a better understanding of your antenna system and the way it can be improved through the selection and use of the appropriate antenna tuner. Contents: Why Might I Need an Antenna Tuner? A Look at a Typical Configuration So Just What is an Antenna Tuner? Tuning an Antenna Tuner The Internal Tuner — How Does it Help An External Tuner at the Radio Transmission Lines and Loss Moving the Tuner to the Back 40 Transmission Line Choices for Low Loss Balanced Versus Unbalanced Lines So What's a Balun, an Unun, a Choke? Balanced Antenna Tuners Antennas that Work Well with Tuners A Survey of Available Tuners Making Your Own Tuner

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