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The Complete Guide to 50 and 70MHz Amateur Radio
Six meters (50MHz) - the "magic band" - has always been unique. Sometimes it behaves as an HF band, with world-wide propagation, and other times more like a VHF band, enjoying the benefits of meteor scatter and Sporadic E. Operating 6 meters is both a challenge and an enigma, it draws amateurs from both the VHF and HF communities. Similar to this fascinating band is Four meters (70MHz).
Six and Four is essential for all radio amateurs. From beginners who are just getting started in six or four meters, to those who might already have 200+ countries confirmed on the "magic band". With new countries gaining temporary or permanent access on a regular basis, you'll discover both bands are exciting and fun!

  • Equipment and station design
  • Antennas for 6m and 4m
  • 6m and 4m propagation
  • Basic operating
  • Making weak signal QSOs
  • A 6m perspective from around the world
  • Portable and expedition operating
  • Contests, awards, QSLing
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