ARRL Operating Manual 12th Edition

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Everything for the Active Ham Radio Operator

Talking to friends. Serving your community. Chasing DX. Adding a new band. Trying a new mode. Working a contest. Taking your radio on the road or out in the field. These are just a few of the exciting and fun on-air operating activities to try once you have earned your license and mastered the basics.

For decades, The ARRL Operating Manual for Radio Amateurs has been recognized as a comprehensive guide to Amateur Radio operating — things you can do on the air with your gear. In some cases, you may need to pick up new software or another radio, antenna, or accessory, but in many cases you already have the tools you need to get started. Featuring new material on FT8 and other WSJT-X digital modes, this 12th edition has been revised and updated by experienced hams who are active on the air. They are happy to share what they have learned so that you can get involved and on the air too.

Basic Station and Operating Techniques

  • Assembling a Station
  • Basic Operating Procedures
  • HF Digital Communications
  • VHF/UHF FM, Repeaters, Digital Voice and Data
  • VHF/UHF Beyond FM and Repeaters
  • Amateur Satellites
  • Image Communications
  • Portable and Mobile Operation

Radio Clubs and Public Service

  • Group Activities for the Radio Amateur
  • Preparing the Next Generation
  • ARRL Field Day
  • Public Service Operating

On-Air Activities and Radiosport

  • Awards — Measuring Operating Achievements
  • DXing — Contacting Those Faraway Places BR>
  • Confirming the Contact — QSLing
  • Contesting — Competitive Wireless

Resources for the Active Ham

  • A collection of useful information to support on-air operating activities.






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