He Who Cycled

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This is the story of Thomas Andersen (OZ1AA and K9DXX) who took ham radio on a 36,000 mile cycling journey.

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Cyclist Thomas Andersen, a ham radio operator with call signs OZ1AA (Denmark) and K9DXX (US), started a round-the-world journey that began in 2010 when he left Denmark on his bicycle. He traveled 36,000 miles. A 30-something-year-old telecommunications engineer, Andersen took ham radio on the cycling journey, revealing the radio amateur’s unique ability to enhance international goodwill. “For me, the chance to meet new people, to make new friends, and to see and learn about their way of life is the true highlight of the trip. Ham radio certainly played a big role in making that possible.” Andersen visited and stayed with radio amateurs during the long trip, and got on the air from stations around the world. While in Turkey he got to operate TC033TAI for the Turkish Island Award as well as TA3KM for the 2010 CQ World Wide CW contest. In Barcelona, Spain, he operated as EA3/OZ1AA from the station of EA3ALZ, and visited the ‘DX Hotel’ in Holzminden, Germany, run by Carsten Dauer, DM9EE. “We had a great time there enjoying great food and I even got on the bands as DL/OZ1AA as well.” He also activated a special event call sign, OZ1BIKE. Andersen said his bicycle adventure stemmed from a desire to attempt something that he was not entirely sure he could finish, but it was an opportunity to combine his favorite activities — cycling and ham radio.

“In October 2010 I left Denmark by bicycle not knowing what to expect. 6 years later I returned after having cycled 58,201 kilometres through 58 countries on 6 continents. Initially I was drawn in by the sense of freedom – of being out in the open air while having the opportunity to let my thoughts run free. On my bike I got the chance of experiencing the environment I travelled through at first-hand; the ever-changing landscapes, the hills, the weather, the food, and the way people reacted when they saw me.

The ride turned out to be a journey of both internal and external discovery. There was an element of adventure, of getting closer to my limits and discovering what I was capable of, but more importantly I wanted to go out there and use my senses. The media often print a disturbed picture of the world while focusing on war and natural disasters. This book describes what I saw with my own eyes.

Finally, this was simply my dream, and we should all follow our dreams.”






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