Rothammel’s Antenna Book

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The Best Amateur Radio Antenna book – ever?

There are many Germans who would say that this book is the ‘Antenna Bible’ that surpasses all other antenna books. Now translated into English after numerous German language editions this is a truly comprehensive book covering in 1600 pages the theory and building of antennas.

Rothammel’s Antenna Book was first published in the fifties and has developed into a comprehensive reference book for practical use. Designed to be a comprehensible read, theory is deliberately simplified, but you will find masses of detail on building, such that readers without any special technical training are able to reproduce the described antennas. In over 40 chapters readers will find 100s of pages of antenna designs from the simple dipoles, broadband antennas, magnetic loops, arrays, verticals, directional HF beams and many, many more. The author lists 22 broad categories for antennas and then breaks this into chapters of types of antenna designs with all described in terms of their best use and real-world applications. Transmission lines, Matching, Baluns, EMC, EMFE, Testing and measurements are not forgotten and are also covered. This book is simply a comprehensive guide to amateur radio antennas and beyond. With over 1600 pictures and 268 tables Rothammel’s Antenna Book, is also lavishly illustrated.

Rothammel’s Antenna Book is for many the ‘antenna cookbook’ providing both inspiration and practical detailed designs. If you are interested in building antennas or just want to get the best solution for your location maybe this is the ‘only’ antenna book for you.



Alois Krischke, DJ0TR





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