RSGB Handbook of Radio Communication – 15th Edition

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The RSGB Handbook of Radio Communication has now undergone its biggest update in years with this new 15th edition. New editor Ed Durrant, G8GLM/DD5LP has had every one of the 25 chapters revised to bring it bang up to date which makes the new RSGB Handbook of Radio Communication the absolute must have for every shack.

All the important data is still included in the RSGB Handbook of Radio Communication but you will also find many new additions including the brand new Islander-3 receiver building instructions. Some chapters such as The Great Outdoors have been completely rewritten and now provides a concise, up-to-date chapter covering current options and helping those new to Portable Ops get a great start in this expanding part of the hobby. Whilst chapters like Transmission Lines now goes much deeper into the theory than ever before.



Ed Durrant, G8GLM/DD5LP (editor)





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Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)