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One thing that is certain is that when propagation improves, contacting far flung parts of the world (DX) on the High Frequency bands (HF) becomes easier and much more of a pleasure. It remains one of the enduring fascinations of amateur radio.

HF DX Basics provides a practical guide to making the most of this endlessly fascinating area of operation. Many are put off by the challenges of DX operation but well-known author and DXer Steve Telenius-Lowe, PJ4DX dispels the myths about huge antennas and high power in an easy-to-understand way. Based on Steve’s previous book HF SSB DX Basics this book provides a guide to what DX is all about and you are led through to the opportunities the HF bands provide and much more. HF DX Basics has been revised to bring it fully up-to-date and much new material about FT8 operating as well as details of operating in the 1.8, 5, 10 and 50MHz bands has been added.

As you would expect you will find a practical guide to what antennas make good choices in your location, choosing your transceiver including what the myriad of buttons on a modern transceiver do. There is a guide to the HF bands you can operate, their propagation characteristics and what to expect from them. Steve also provides practical advice on how to avoid pitfalls when operating on the bands and much more including handling pile-ups, split working, QRP operation, QSLs and even being DX yourself. So, give HF DXing a try and allow the DX ‘bug’ to bite!

HF DX Basics is for anyone interested in operating in the hugely satisfying area of DX amateur radio by providing advice and practical steps to improve your station and get you started DXing.



Steve Telenius-Lowe, PJ4DX (editor)





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